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Why RiverPointe Medical Centre

We are dedicated to catering for the health and wellness of our patients, and we aim to establish long term healthy relationships with our patients. This is in part achieved through patient centered consultations, and offering various holistic options of management when needed. We believe that our patients should be involved in their care.

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Providing adequate health advice and information

We seek to educate patients about their health to help them make better health related choices for themselves and their family members.

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Personalized and specialized Care for patients

At Riverpointe Medical Centre, we provide specialized health care based on your unique health needs. Our clinical and non clinical staff offer care in a professional and friendly environment, providing comfort,showing compassion and offering reassurance.

  • Expert Doctors

    Get attended to, by our highly skilled medical staff

  • The Goal

    Our goal to make top-notch health care easily accessible


Protecting your data and information

All patient information is considered to be confidential and we comply fully with the Alberta Health Information act. All employees have access to this information in relation to their role and are aware of the terms of confidentiality agreement. Information may be shared, in confidence, with other clinicians in the interests of patient care. CCTV is installed internally in public areas and externally for security purposes. Recordings are used entirely at the discretion of the partners including provision of images to the police or other official bodies, and will otherwise comply with the clinics data protection protocols. As a clinic, we regularly review our privacy impact assessments.

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